Ultimate P90X Hybrid Program

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I have developed what I think will be a challenging and extremely effective fitness schedule that I am going to use for the next 90 days (starts Monday 8/22/11). The program uses the Classic P90X schedule as it’s base and replaces select workouts with Insanity The Asylum workouts, P90X One on One workouts, RevAbs workouts, and a few swim/bike/run workouts.

This program will take me right up to the holiday season (ends right before Thanksgiving) and should put me in prime shape for the release of P90X2 in December (pre-orders start in late September and ship in December).

This is going to be an excellent way to cross-train in the triathlon off-season. My goal here is to maintain muscle mass or maybe add a small amount while losing a lot of body fat and really leaning out. While I have lost a lot of weight over the past 6 or 7 years (see my full weight loss journey in this video), I have never really reached my full potential for triathlon performance because I always carry anywhere from 10-25 pounds more than I should during race season. My lowest weight to date was at the end of my low ingredient diet experiment in late summer/early fall of 2010. I ended up getting down in the low 170s. However, I believe I should be racing around 165 to reach my full potential. I have never done a race at anything under 175 at this point. So, my goal here is to get lean before the holiday season and realize my true “racing weight”. Then I will relax just a little over the holiday season before starting up P90X2 at the beginning of the year (with a little swim/bike/run added in). Then the triathlon season will begin once I have completed P90X2. That should put me in perfect position to maintain a racing weight around 165 for the triathlon season. I guess we shall see.

As far as nutrition goes, I am going back to what worked for me last year around this same time (the low ingredient diet). I am basically just going to eat whole foods (nothing processed) and keep my calories in check. It is not complicated and it works. The only change this time is that I will be incorporating some metabolic efficiency principles and combining foods to keep from spiking blood sugar (example: no fruit by itself. Fruit will be combined with a healthy fat like almonds to level the blood sugar spike). This helps teach your body to burn fat which improves performance. For more info on Metabolic Efficiency principles, check out Bob Seebohar’s book on the subject at www.fuel4mance.com

I am going to be updating my progress during these 90 days on one blog post. Each day will have a new entry on this very same blog post (it will not be a new blog post for each day). You can find that blog post right here.

Also, as an update, my buddy Dave Ward is going to be doing a slightly modified version of this program with me.  There is nothing better than some good accountability during a tough program like this.  Dave is also a triathlete, a Beachbody Coach, and an avid cyclist and has tweaked the program to add more cycling into it.  You can see his explanation of what he is doing here on his blog.

Here is a screen capture of the first two weeks of the program:

If you would like to see the entire program that I have devised, you can download it on Training Peaks. Here are the instructions for downloading the plan and using it for yourself:

1- Go to www.trainingpeaks.com and click on “Training and Meal Plans” on the right side of the screen

2- In the “Search for Plans” box, type “P90X” and click the “Search” button. You should see the P90X Classic, P90X Lean, and P90X Doubles workout schedules in the list. Those are the regular P90X schedules I created in Training Peaks a few months ago. There is also a P90X/Insanity Hybrid Program. The one that you are looking for though is called “Ultimate P90X Hybrid (90 days)”.

3- Click the “buy” button for whichever plan you are going to be using. Don’t worry the plans are set at $0.00 so you will not be charged anything.

4- If you already have a Training Peaks account, you can login on the next page. If not, you can input your info for a free account. There is also a premium account that costs money and has more features if you wish to go that route.

5- Once you have created your account and logged in, you can apply your plan and start it on any date by clicking on the Training Plans icon on the left side of the screen (it looks like a little note pad with a pen). This will bring up all of the plans you have access to. Click on the one that you want to apply and click the “apply” button. Select the date you want it to start or end and the plan will then appear in your calendar.

6- You can now click on any workout on the calendar to input data into that workout.

7- I also recommend that you go to my Training Peaks login page and bookmark it. That way you will always have an easy way to login to your Training Peaks account.

8- Don’t forget to log your workouts in Beachbody’s WOWY super gym as well. Why? Because you have a chance to win money on any day that you log your workout there. How do you log a workout in WOWY? Well, first you need a free account with Team Beachbody. You can get one of those by going here and clicking the “join” button as described at the beginning of this blog post. Then, once you are logged in to your account, go to the “Get Fit” tab and click on “WOWY Super Gym” and log your workout to be entered to win money.


  • Larry

    March 28, 2014

    The training program Ultimate p90x hybrid program for cyclists you discussed and provided links to on Training Peaks has changed. I could not get this even though I have an account.

    Would you please send this. Thanks
    my email address is lstone711@gmail.com