Ultimate P90X Hybrid – My 90 Day Progress

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Hello All,

In my last blog I stated that I would be updating my progress through this 90 day hybrid program I created.  Each day I will add a new entry to give an overview of my nutrition and my workout(s) for the day.  It will not be a new blog post each time…I will simply update this one with new info every day.  When a week ends, I will move that week’s entries to a separate page and provide a link below so you can go back and look at old entries.  The only thing that will show on this page is the current week’s daily entries. 


See Previous Weeks Daily Entries on this Page

NOTE: I am now on week 7 but I am basically going back to week 5 because the last two weeks have been off plan to rehab my back injury. Here is this week’s schedule:

Monday: Chest Shoulders Triceps and Merciless Abs
Tuesday: Vertical Plyo
Wednesday: Back and Biceps and Killer Abs
Thursday: Yoga and swim
Friday: Legs and Back and Iso Abs
Saturday: Brick
Sunday: Rest and Relief


Day 43 – Monday, October 3, 2011

Weight: 186.3 

Nutrition: I did good with my nutrition today. I was super busy at work and actually didn’t get a chance to eat lunch (not a good thing) but I made good healthy choices through out the day. A little low on calories because of the skipped lunch but not detrimentally low.

Stats: Calories: 1563 Fat: 32% Protein: 19% Carbs: 49%

Workouts: Back to the regular plan. I did P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps in the morning and Merciless Abs (from RevAbs) in the evening. Both went well…no back pain…but I felt very weak in the pushups. Glad to be back on plan.

Day 44 – Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weight: 184.2 

Nutrition: Another good day. No bad decisions to speak of. I did eat lunch today and had a pretty well-balanced nutrition plan throughout the day. Normal Shakeology for breakfast, Lara Bar for a snack, leftover pesto Chicken pasta for lunch, pineapple and cheese for a snack, taco scramble for dinner.

Stats: Calories: 2200 Fat: 32% Protein: 21% Carbs: 47%

Workouts:  Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo today. Ouch again. I did it though. I was very careful with the movements to protect my lower back.


  • Denise Brooks

    August 22, 2011

    Good luck, I’ll be watching your progress.

    • BASEtraining

      August 23, 2011

      Thanks, Denise!

  • jason

    September 3, 2011

    Ryan, I need a good pair of resistance bands. If you look at the website i’ve posted here, you will see the bands that were used in P90X versus the bands that were sold on the beachbody.com site. Clearly there’s a big difference, but no one seems to know where these premium bands can be had – including the helpful people at beachbody… cause I asked. Any thoughts on how to find good bands? You see the ones shes using? They have structure, there’s a straight part and a curve part to the handle – they’re not just a nylon strap around a handle.

    I’ve looked a lot of places for good resistance bands. The last pair i had were recalled because they snap and poke people’s eyes out. Come on! There’s gotta be something better than that!

  • Jason

    September 3, 2011

    Sorry… didn’t realize the website wouldn’t show up in the post. Here it is:

    • BASEtraining

      September 3, 2011

      Hi Jason,

      I noticed that as well. It turns out that most companies are going to the nylon straps with just the grip being plastic because they allow rotation and the claim they are more comfortable. Not sure I agree but that is what I hear. Have you actually tried the ones from Beachbody? The B-lines resistance bands? I have some of those and I have some from another site and I find the Beachbody ones to be much higher quality. They do have a nylon strap handle but the grip and the attachment point to the band are plastic and seem pretty secure. I haven’t been able to find any that are full platic handles any more either.

    • BASEtraining

      September 3, 2011

      Oh, and those ones being shown in that picture on that site are not the same as the ones on the Beachbody site. The difference is the plastic piece where the band attaches. You can see a picture of those if you go to http://www.xtricoaching.com, click shop, and look for them under equipment and gear. Actually, here is a direct link to the bands so you can see the difference: http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BLINEBandKits?referringRepId=38397