Turbo Fire or Ultimate Reset Facebook Giveaway

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We are doing a Facebook giveaway!


1)  You need to “like” us on Facebook.  Do that by clicking the button below and then hitting “like” on our page.  Or, you can use the handy slideout feature on the left side of the screen right now.

2)  Go find the Giveaway Announcement post on our wall (it has a picture like the one below attached to it).  Or, you can go directly to this link (don’t forget to like the page too though): CLICK HERE  3)  Comment on the Giveaway Announcement as it suggests with your ACTUAL New Year’s Resolution and your “Why”.  The “Why” is the most important part of the comment and will be a big part of how we choose the winner.  Example of a post that doesn’t have a shot at winning: “I want to lose 20 pounds in 2013”.  Example of a post that has a much better shot at winning:  “I want to lose 20 pounds in 2013 because I want to be able to be more active with my kids without feeling out of shape”.  You get the idea.  We will also factor in humor, writing style, originality, etc.

4)  Share the post with your friends so they can comment (see the fine print below to learn why you want to do this)

5) We will pick the coolest resolution from the comments as the winner.


1)  The post must get at least 100 comments by Jan 1st or there will be NO winner (HINT:  Get your fitness-minded friends to like this page.  Please don’t coax people who won’t like my content into liking this page just for this giveaway.  I am sure you have friends that are into health and fitness)

2)  This giveaway is not open to Beachbody Coaches

3)  The winner will be required to become a free Team Beachbody customer with me as their coach (this is a completely free account and simply gives you a place to buy additional Beachbody products in the future if you choose to do so.  No purchase is required).  If you already have an account with another coach you must switch your account to me to be eligible to win.  NOTE:  The point of this is not to steal people from other coaches but I am limiting this giveaway to my customers or those who don’t have a coach so it will be up to you if you want to switch coaches to be eligible.  Contact me to find out how.

4)  The winner will be chosen by me (with some assistance by my wife).  My decision is my decision.  Please remember that this is a free giveaway and I am not requiring anything but a “like” and a comment.  So, if your post isn’t picked and you thought the one that was picked was not as good, please remember that this was a free giveaway and don’t get upset.  There will likely be more.


Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire is the high intensity big sister to Turbo Jam and is based on the EXTREMELY popular group fitness class known as Turbo Kick in gyms around the country.  Chalene Johnson is one of the most motivating and dynamic trainers on the planet and will help you get results like you never thought possible.
Here is a preview of TurboFire for your viewing pleasure:

The Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is an intense 21 day cleanse program…but it isn’t your typical cleanse. It’s not a juice cleanse, it’s not a starvation cleanse…it’s different. It’s amazing.

Here is my experience with the program (lost 17 pounds): http://www.tribasetraining.com/beachbody-ultimate-reset-review-and-training-update

Also, take a look at this video:

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