The Shakeology 3-day Cleanse

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So maybe you have heard of this Shakeology stuff. I talk about it on my blog and Facebook and Twitter all the time. I have it almost daily, members of my family are on it, many Facebook friends are on it and all the stories are good ones. It is almost like the stuff is too good to be true. I mean really…it tastes great, it has more healthy stuff in it than you could possibly get in any one food anywhere else, and it basically has no bad stuff in it. How is this possible? Well, I don’t know how they did it but it is true. Shakeology is a great product that can be used as a meal replacement shake for weight loss, a good snack, or a performance enhancing shake for sports and exercise.

But wait….there’s more. A guy name Mike Karpenko (a Beachbody Coach) came up with a plan to use Shakeology to cleanse your system of all the junk and kick-start your weight loss plan. It is called the Shakeology 3 day Cleanse. Here is how it works:

– Have three shakes per day (1 every 3-4 hours)
– Have 3 fruits per day
– Have a salad at dinner time with 3-4 ounces of lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey)
– Have 2 tablespoons of an olive oil vinegar dressing

It’s that simple! If you are looking to lose some weight, this program can really give you a kick-start. So how do you get Shakeology? Click below to go to my Shakeology site and order today. If you want more info before ordering, feel free to shoot me an email with questions


  • Scott S

    April 24, 2010

    Steve Edwards has a lot of info on the cleanse -

    Great tip on using the bands for pullups here on your site.

    • tribasetraining

      April 24, 2010

      Yes, I try to keep up with Steve Edwards’ blog as well. Thanks for the compliment…the bands helped me a lot.