The Pivotal Moment for Success

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Every once in a while, I like to just write down the random deep thoughts that come into my tiny brain that I think relate to business, life, health, fitness…whatever.

Today, I was thinking about my business and how well I have done over the last year and, just like every other time I have thought about that, I started thinking about all the other people that are doing WAY better than me.  I don’t think about it in a bad way (usually….er, sometimes).  I usually ask myself this question:  “What are they doing that I am not doing and how can I change what I am doing or how can I do what I am doing even better”?

Today, the thought that came to me was that others that do better than me have overcome fears that I have yet to overcome.  In the same way, I thought to myself, people that are not doing as well as I am have likely not overcome fears that I have overcome.

So, then the question becomes, “Why have they overcome those fears and I have not”?  My immediate answer was that my desire to achieve that success had not yet surpassed my fear of doing what is required to achieve it.  Let me give you an example as it applies to a health and fitness coach since that is what I do.

My goal is to share the things that have worked for me with as many people as possible and help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  That is what translates to success in my business and success for my customers.  When I meet someone that needs my help and I don’t share these things with them, the most likely reason that I didn’t share it was because I was afraid of talking to them…afraid what they might think, afraid what they might say, afraid they might say no…whatever the fear may be.  The fact that I didn’t share it with them doesn’t mean that I don’t have a desire to help them or I don’t think it is important.  It simply means that the fear was greater than the desire at that moment.

Now, I don’t think there is one simple concept like this that completely defines everything in life but this certainly applies to most situations.  What if one of the main reasons that I don’t help as many people as other coaches do is because they have a desire to help people that is far greater than their fear of talking to people.  What if the only reason you haven’t lost weight or got in great shape is because your desire to do so doesn’t surpass your fears of what it takes to get there (fear of what others will think of your new lifestyle or diet, fear that you will feel deprived, fear that you will have to give up other things like football or partying).

Now, I know I am not the world’s greatest self help guru or philosopher and I don’t claim to be.  I am just writing down thoughts in my head.  Comments and discussion are encouraged.  I just thought I would share some thoughts in case some of them might help you or spark some discussion that might help you.

Now, one last thing.  How do you get your desire to be greater than your fears?  Oh, that is a good question.  The answer that pops into my head is that you simply have to remind yourself of your reason for doing it in the first place.  I’m not talking about the superficial reasons…I am talking about the reasons that really drive you…your “why”.  Usually, if I can really connect myself with my “why” when I am feeling afraid to talk to someone or share something with someone, I can overcome that fear fairly easily.  The fear is still there, you don’t need to eliminate it…you need to overpower it with something far more powerful…your “why”.  I wrote another philosophical post on my thoughts about your “why” if you would like to dive deeper into that.  Find it HERE.

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  • Jason Curlee

    December 18, 2012

    great post Ryan…I think I’m right in there with you… although I do think some are just gifted better or their strengths/experiences may position them with success in a different way. I need to get over some fears too.