The Mission of Team Beachbody

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Every Monday, Team Beachbody (the coach network of the Beachbody brand) has a national coach call for the entire coach network to provide training, announcements, recognition, and awards.  In this post, I want to share with you a short audio segment from the coach call from Monday, August 6th, 2012.  The reason I am sharing this particular part of the coach call is because I think it sums up the culture of Team Beachbody, the mission of Team Beachbody, and specifically the vision of the corporate leadership of Beachbody better than any of the “professional” videos and advertisements and promotions that Beachbody has made available.  I could link you to several professionally done videos that Beachbody has made available to all of their coaches to use to help explain Team Beachbody and help people make a decision to join or not join the team or to use the products or not use the products.  Those videos are not “bad” videos, they just don’t tell the story in the same way that a conversation or a candid testimonial can.

Since, I started working with Team Beachbody, my passion and belief in this company and it’s vision has gone from a mild excitement to a deep passion and excitement.  I cannot describe the change in my attitude toward Beachbody and their products and their leadership over the last few years in text in a meaningful way in the same way I could in a phone call or in-person conversation with you.  Why?  Because you can’t really sense my passion and belief in these products in this blog post.  In the same way, you can’t understand the true vision of the CEO in the professionally edited and scripted videos.  You simply don’t know if that is just people writing that up for him to say so that it sounds good or if that is really his vision.


The context of this audio is that Carl felt the need to address the coach network about the new superfood formula of Shakeology.  The company made the decision to change the formula of the original Shakeology to remove some of the fructose and use more superfoods like coconut flower nectar.  The result is a shake that tastes very close to the original but is healthier.  They got a lot of feedback that people didn’t like the change in the taste very much and this was basically Carl’s response to the coach network.

I love this response and want to share it with you even though it was originally addressed only to the coach network.  If this is the kind of company and vision that you could see yourself promoting and working with, please let me know by emailing me at  I would be happy to have you on my team of coaches helping to end the trend of obesity.  We are serious about this.


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