The Day that Turns Your Life Around

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If you haven’t listened to anything by Jim Rohn, you REALLY need to.  His presentation of the most simple ideas that can change your life are incredible.

The stuff I am about to share with you can be found on Disc 6 of his unabridged audio series entitled “The Art of Exceptional Living”.  You can get it on Amazon or download it on iTunes (I believe).  I keep it in my car and listen to it now and again amongst other things.

This morning, I was listening to disc 6 and near the end Jim shares the 4 elements of the day that turns your life around.  This takes my post on Finding Your “Why” and not your Willpower a step further and really uncovers all of the elements that lead to a life change…as it applies to any area really.  The details of what type of change (spiritual, business, health…) are really irrelevant.

I will give you a quick rundown of the 4 elements but you should really watch the video below…Jim’s delivery is one of my favorite things about him.

The Elements

1)  Disgust – When you say enough is enough.  When you say to yourself, “I have had enough of this…”.  This is the first step to turning it around.  When you say to yourself that you WILL not deal with your lack of control over food for ONE MORE DAY, or your procrastination in your tasks for ONE MORE DAY, or your attitude toward your wife for ONE MORE DAY.

2) Decision – The day you can bring yourself to decide.  When you are disgusted, you decide to change

3) Desire – “wanting to bad enough”…it’s the most mysterious of the 4.

4) Resolve – “Promising yourself that you will NEVER give up”….Wow!

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