The 10 Rules of the 90/10 Nutrition Challenge

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I am super excited about these 90/10 nutrition challenge groups!.  Here ar a couple of reasons why I am so excited:  1) I not only coached, but also participated in the first group that started on April 2nd of 2012 and I lost about 20 pounds in 60 days myself…so, I know this works.  2)  Nutrition is where most people struggle and is the reason most people don’t get the results they want.  Every time I do a nutrition-based challenge group, it seems to get better results that ones that focus solely on the workout program.  3)  Others in the groups that have already started have seen amazing results as well!

So, I wanted to share the 10 rules I wrote up for being a part of the 90/10 nutrition challenge group.  This will give you a better idea of what you are getting into if you decide to join one of these groups now or in the future.  We will primarily be using the 90/10 Nutrition Ladder as our basis for nutrition as you will see.

The Rules

Rule 1:  There is no one way that is the best way to eat for everyone. Some things work well for some and not for others.  If you aren’t seeing results in the first few weeks, DO NOT give up.  We will adjust a few things (like grains, fat content, etc) and get you going.

Rule 2:  You must eat 90% of your daily, weekly, monthly and challenge intake from Green Light Tier of the 90/10 Nutrition Ladder.  Percentage should be done by a total percentage of Calories.  In other words, for every 100 calories consumed, 90 calories should be from those Tiers.  Yes, this means that you need to count calories for this challenge (but only for the purpose of percentages for the Tiers…not to RESTRICT calories!).

Rule 3:  The remaining 10% of your daily, weekly, monthly, and challenge intake is ALLOWED to come (not SHOULD come) from the Yellow Light Tier of the 90/10 Nutrition Ladder.  Again, this is by total percentage of calories consumed.

Rule 4:  NONE of your intake should come from the Red Light Tier of the 90/10 Nutrition Ladder during this challenge.  If you choose to break this, it should be a conscious decision for a special occasion and you need to be willing to admit it to the group and prepare to be scolded for it.  ;o)

Rule 5:  Understand during this challenge that no one is going to be perfect.  However, everyone should be honest.  The group needs to hear when you messed up as well as when you did well.  Use the group page on Facebook to communicate with your fellow challengers, encourage, ask for advice, and support eachother.

Rule 6:  There will be some foods that are not clearly in a Tier or are not listed.  It is likely that if a food is not listed or there isn’t something close enough on the ladder then it is probably not a good food to eat.  However, this may not always be the case.  In those cases (which should be very few), you can get in touch with me or the group to get an opinion.

Rule 7:  Have a plan for when you are going to have your Shakeology so you are sure to get it in every day.  I drink mine first thing in the morning but the important thing is to have a plan.

Rule 8:  Commit yourself fully to this challenge.  If you are not active on the FB group, I will be tagging you in posts and asking what you are up to.  This is only 8 weeks, so be active and be honest and be a part of this challenge.  You owe it to yourself as well as to your fellow challengers…they are depending on your support and are planning to support you.

Rule 9:  Get rid of the junk in your house before the challenge starts.  No, I don’t mean eat it all.  If you have to, throw it away!  Yes, just get rid of it.

Rule 10:  Talk to your spouse or significant other or even roommates about this challenge before it starts and let them know what you are doing (get them involved too maybe).  At least that way you will have a fighting chance of getting some support from them…or at least not sabotage.

Some other things to think about:

– Take before photos

– Post photos of your meals to the group

– Announce weight loss throughout

How to Get Involved

Want to get involved in this challenge group?  Simply CLICK HERE and fill out the registration form.  It’s time to get healthy.


  • Barbara Karbassi

    December 15, 2012

    Ok Ryan as difficult as it will be for me I think I need to commit to something to be successful. I am looking forward to it.

  • Jay

    July 2, 2013

    Good thing I poured my last gin and Tonic while reading the rules!

    • BASEtraining

      July 2, 2013

      LOL…you ready to go?