Team Rhino Monthly Crash Contest

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Here is how it works:

1.  Form teams of 5 members from Team Rhino (no crossline or even FCN coaches allowed)

2.  No more than 2 coaches per team with a rank of Emerald or above

3.  No more than 1 coach per team with a rank of Diamond or above

4.  Contest points are earned the same way the Beachbody Cup points are earned.

– 1 point for every success club point (max of 30 contest points per coach)

– 1 point for every rank advancement (you or one of your personally sponsored coaches)

5.  Contest points will be reported every week.

6.  Each contest will last through the calendar month and then a new contest will start with new teams.  When new teams are formed, at least one of the higher ranking coaches and 2 total coaches much change per team.

Register your team:

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