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Lara Bar Review – Healthy, Convenient Snacks

My latest nutritional quest has been to eat things with lower numbers of ingredients in them. Sounds like a simple plan, right? Well, it is…and it works quite well. I am not going to go into this concept too much here because I am currently in the middle of a experiment with this type of…

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New Recipe – Pesto Chicken Quinoa

One of my goals with B.A.S.E. Training is to provide some healthy recipes every once in a while here on my blog. I have already put out my guacamole recipe on an earlier post but that is about all I have done so far…I intended to have more recipes out by now…but I do what…

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Fat for Athletes (and the greatest Guacamole Recipe you will ever taste)

So, it was just a few years ago that the general consensus was that, if you didn’t want to be fat, you needed to stop eating fat or severely limit your fat intake. Then, along came Dr. Atkins and the South Beach Diet and all of a sudden fat was not the problem anymore…it was…

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