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My Total Immersion Teacher Training Experience

This is my account of my experience at the Total Immersion Teacher Training in Minneapolis, MN where I earned the right to be called a Total Immersion Teaching Professional (TITP). I also posted this same blog on the Total Immersion site at www.totalimmersion.net. This was a CRAZY week for me and I was absolutely exhausted…

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Seafair Sprint Triathlon 2010 Race Report

So, I completed the Seafair Sprint Triathlon for the second time. It has been five years since I completed this race as my first triathlon following a weight loss contest in 2005. I was excited to get to race in this event again because I knew that the last 5 years of training have helped…

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Try Shakeology For Free!

Have you been thinking about trying Shakeology or wondering what it is all about? Well, here is your chance to try it for free (and we will even send you a sample of the new Vegan Tropical or Chocolate Flavors!) If you don’t know much about Shakeology, here is a great video that explains what it…

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