Success Story: Hard Work Pays Off

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I wanted to share with you some of the health and fitness success that I have seen in one particular individual.  I think you will find this inspirational if nothing else, but I hope you will also find it educational and it will make you realize that ANYONE can change their health for the better if they Decide and COMMIT.

As I started to write this post, I was just going to say “I have been working with this person for over a year”…but I decided to go ahead and look back at our FB private message history and I found that our first message was back in July of 2010!  So, I guess it is over 2 years now.  How time flies.

I first met him via my P90X and Triathlon FB page.  He was starting to train for a triathlon using P90X.  Turns out he had already had some success losing weight with P90X (and I will get more into that later), but I had no idea at the time just how much weight he had to lose or how much work he had already put in.  He began to reach out more and more and started to join various challenge groups that I was starting.  Eventually, it started to seem that every time I announced a new group, he would be the first to respond that he wanted to join.  Sometimes, I had to remind him that he wasn’t done with the last one!  However, I loved the fact that he was so serious about changing his health for the better that he wanted to be involved in everything that could help.  That is the kind of attitude that it takes.

The most recent group that he has been involved with is one that I started with one of my downline Beachbody coaches, Sarah Murphy (who is a rockstar of a coach).  We did a co-coached Insanity Challenge group and it was one of the most dynamic and fun groups that I have ever been a part of coaching.  The results were undeniable for pretty much all of the participants and certainly for those that stayed engaged the entire challenge.  He was one of those participants that stayed engaged the entire time and I want to share his results with you.  Before I do though, I want to give you a little background on his journey over the last 2 years or so as told by him in one of his nearly famous Facebook posts that contains lots of “…” and autocorrect errors…not sure how he even types it all out on his phone.  Here is one that tells the story:

“hey friends.  i have been so blessed in life with a great family; great job; great friends; happy surroundings; but in the midst of all my successes, i have let my health go..well, lets be more clear…i am really, luckily healthy.  except for the 120 i have left to lose…i konw it sounds crazy that a person can gain 100 lbs more than normal..especially one who has support, played college sports and did a couple half marathons…now imagine..i was actually 240 over my ideal weight.  ryan knows this, but i never thought of myself as heavy..happy surrounding dim the true mirror…then saw a video of my self on vacation 2 years ago…more embarrassed than unhealthy, got turned onto p90x and walking, stationary bike. dropped 75 lbs like that and did robie creek half marathon (check it out..tough one)…then did p90x again and dropped another 50 lbs, and was up to 15 minutes jogging…lucked out no knee issues.  then summer and busy..and i had been stagnant almost 2 months..ryan shook me, and i started a hybrid with him..dropped 20 lbs in last 6 weeks and now have 120 to go.  Life has so much to offer and whether it be vanity, health, better intimacy with spouse, or tackling kids,  health pays off. if not for yourself, do it for wife, kids, partner, dog, the woman  with whom you want to score.  for me, i want to run triathlons..up to n ow, i consider it a warm up…ryan has me on a program, that will culminate in racing next august.  for me, it is the wetsuit…i want to look good in it.  few things maximze belly like a tight lycra suit.  hang tough my friends. i also want to be in the beachbody transformation challenge…”

Now, tell me, would you be inspired being in a group with that guy?  240 lbs overweight, and now 120 lbs overweight.  Some people say they can’t do P90X because they are too overweight and have to start with something easier.  I get that…but look at this guy (and Richard Neal and Jeremy Yost and others….google them).  These guys took on P90X and modified it to their fitness level and kept pushing on the things they couldn’t do until they could do them.  Now, this guy just finished a full round of Insanity at 120 lbs overweight (140 when he started).  Some might say that is too high impact and bad for his health.  Worse than being 140 lbs overweight?  He modified and he completed it and he is making a change in his life.  There is a saying that I keep seeing going around that fits this situation:  “If you want something, you’ll find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse”.

Now, let me share his fit test results from this round of Insanity.  Several people in the group did every fit test and posted their results in the group.  You may not get some of the trash talk and humor in these fit test posts if you weren’t in the group but it was hilarious and awesome to see if you were!

Sept 10th. day 1/60. fitness test:

Not mightily impressive but a start:



switch kicks: 45 (but each leg is ony a half)

power jacks: 22

power knees: 61

power jumps: 50 (but alternated, kind of high knees)

globe jumps: 6

suicide jumps: 5 (i started to wear down)

push up jacks: 19

low plank oblique: 24 (second wind as wrapped up)





switch kicks: 55

power jacks: 31

power knees: 85

power jumps: 50 (no change)

globe jumps: 8

suicide kicks: 6 (really hard for me)

push up jacks: 22

low plank obliques: 36




switch kicks 64

power jacks 38

power knees 99 (almost 100!)

power jumps 52 (not much)

globe jumps 11

suicide kicks 9 (crap, not quite double digits)

push up jacks 33

low planks  42




switch kicks 72

power jacks 48

power knees 117 (wow, BIG JUMP–abs getting better?)

power jumps 53–not a big increase, but plodding forward

globe jumps 15 (felt like was flying, but no breathers in this time)

FENNO ASS KICKS 12 (really, reaaly struggle with these)

push up jacks 37 (not giant increase)

low plands 54



switch kicks 83

power jacks 55 (not a big increase)

power knees 131 (massive jump for me)

power jumps 56 (not massive, but survived it)

globe jumps 18 (i hate these)

FENNO ASS KICKS 24 (biggest move of bunch–any surprise?)

push up jacks 40 (40 was a struggle)

low planks 62 (not bad for an elephant, hey, fenno?)

fenno tail tugs  24 (pretened to grab her catwoman tail and swing over my head like a scottish highlander)

well, there it is…carrying the extra weight and survived…you all rock

So, this is what it takes.  You don’t have to do Insanity and you don’t have to do P90X.  You don’t have to join all my groups.  You don’t have to follow my exact nutrition plan.  You DO have to go after it with this intensity though…that is what it takes.  If you want to be in a group with this guy and help encourage him and feed off his energy, you can join my Les Mills group starting 11/19…he will be there with plenty of long and inspiring posts…I can guarantee it.

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