Some 90/10 Nutrition Challenge Success Stories

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As I write this post, I am preparing to start a new 90/10 Nutrition Challenge on November 5th.  The reason for that particular date is because a few that in my current group want to continue in a group after the current challenge is over and it ends on the 4th.  I asked a few of them to give a little “one-liner” about their experience in the group and with the 90/10 way of eating and I thought I would share a bit of that with you here on this post.

In general, the 90/10 nutrition challenges have been a huge success.  When people follow the plan and engage in the group, the experience is one of weight loss, increased energy, very few feelings of “deprivation”, and overall improved health.  The few that have not had a good experience have most often attributed it to not following the plan and engaging in the challenge.  Why?  The plan is simple to understand, it provides a moderate and reasonable allowance of most foods (no complete removal of grains, or meat, or dairy), and a solid support and accountability platform is maintained throughout the challenge.  So, it isn’t some kind of radical diet where you remove an entire “enemy” food group or never touch the kinds of foods you love, you simply replace the less-healthy foods with their healthier counterparts and allow yourself a little (10%) of your favorites.

Want to join the next challenge on November 5th?  CLICK HERE

OK, so without further delay…here is what actual participants are saying (note that they didn’t really follow the “one-liner” criteria):

“I lost 12 lbs the first 4 weeks and have maintained that weight loss for 2 weeks. Would really like to lose at least 4 more by the end of the challenge. I’ve not felt hungry at all, not even once. This is the only plan I’ve ever been on that I have not felt hungry even while working out!  This is how I’ll eat from here on out!  I feel so much healthier from more energy to better performance in my workouts. Being accountable to someone daily has made the difference between success and failure.” – Lisa

“I have lost 8 lbs in the first 5 weeks and I am feeling so much more energy than ever and I was not working out regularly.  I started walking more because of the extra energy.  I have not felt hungry, in fact I am eating more than I ever have.  I am not feeling deprived of the foods I have “given up” rather I am enjoying the new foods that I am discovering.  After just 4 weeks I noticed right away in the way I feel when I “cheat”  and it is just not worth it.   I  love having a partner and it has actually helped me make better choices.  New foods, never hungry, new friends, losing weight, tons more energy, love it!” – Rhonda

“I had been wanting to lose weight after gaining about 35 pounds due to hip problems and lack of exercise. I decided to try Ryan Chapman’s 90/10 Challenge and was glad I did. Within 60 days, I had lost 26 pounds and I was feeling healthier and able to exercise again. The challenge helped me focus on making healthy eating choices that will hopefully be a lifelong commitment to eating right. I have continued to use Shakeology and the 90/10 principles even after the challenge was over. To date, I have lost 30 pounds, and even completed a sprint triathlon recently. The 90/10 challenge was an integral part to getting me back on the road to good health.” – Dave

“There were certain foods I missed on 90/10, but I had such good results I wasn’t about to cheat.  Now that it’s over, I went back to eating, somewhat at least, how I was before.  The difference in the way I feel is incredibly noticeable–I’m more tired and cranky and with digestive issues.  I’ve proven to myself that 90/10 is for me, period, challenge or not.  It’s just so much easier with a mentor (Ryan) and a group.” – Heidi