Shakeology and One on One Promotion

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So, maybe you have heard of Tony Horton’s One-on-One series?…I mention the workouts on Facebook all the time. Workouts like “Killer Abs”, “Iso Abs”, “Plyo Legs”, “Fountain of Youth Yoga”, “Patience Hummingbird Yoga”. Tony Horton makes a new workout every month pretty much specifically for you P90Xers out there that want to change up your workouts and/or take your fitness to the next level. These workouts are filmed in Tony’s personal workout studio with just him and the camera man. You can sign up to recieve these new workouts automatically every month and keep some variety in your workouts. Find out more about Tony Horton’s One-on-One series here (click on the “shop” icon and find One-on-One under “Fitness Programs”)

Maybe you have also heard of Shakeology?…another thing that I Facebook and blog about all the time. Shakeology is a great meal replacement/supplement shake that can take your nutrition to the next level. Find out more about Shakeology here

Oh, and guess what….Beachbody is offering a promotion this month where you get free Shakeology stuff if you sign up to recieve the One-on-One workouts every month! Take your fitness and your nutrition to the next level in one glorious package. Here is what you get for free when you sign up for the workouts:

Both new and existing subscribers will receive a special Shakeology gift package with their April shipment of One on One, which includes:

Shakeology Chocolate packet
Shakeology recipe card (yum!)
Shakeology “Breakthrough” DVD


Here is a video preview of the latest One-on-One workout that you will recieve when you sign up:


  • Dave Ward

    April 8, 2010

    Love the new site! Looks great!

    • tribasetraining

      April 8, 2010

      Thanks, Dave! I work on it a little at a time.