Newton Panel Discussion on Natural Running Form and Shoes: This is a Must Listen

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The following is a guest post by Pete Larson (aka Runblogger). I ran across Pete’s blog/website a month or two ago and have been very impressed by the info he has put together on running form, running shoes, barefoot running, minimalist running, and just the general science of running. In this particular post, Pete gives his readers the video and audio feeds of a panel discussion on natural running form and shoes that was put on by the folks at Newton running. Now, I could have just grabbed the videos from youtube and made my own blog about them without mentioning Runblogger but I like Pete’s comments on the videos and I also wanted to let you know that there is a lot of good info there at Pete’s site that you should go check out. So read on and then head over to the Runblogger for more good info.

Newton Panel Discussion on Natural Running Form and Shoes: This is a Must Listen
By Pete Larson (

Newton RunningI’d like to use this post to point you to some excellent discussions of running form and running shoes that have come out in the past few weeks. First and foremost, Newton Running recently sponsored an excellent panel discussion on natural running form and running shoes in Colorado. The panel included Dr. Irene Davis PhD, PT (Director of the Running Injury Lab, University of Delaware), Dr. Mark Cucuzzella MD (Associate Professor, University of West Virginia, elite masters runner), Danny Abshire ( form coach, co-founder Newton Running), Zola Budd Pieterse (Olympian, world champion and world record holder), Danny Dreyer (founder/author of Chi Running), and Jay Dicharry, MPT, CSCS (Director of the SPEED Performance Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator at the University of Virginia). It was moderated by Brian Metzler, managing editor Running Times Magazine.

I listened to the discussion on my long run last weekend (it’s about 1 hour and 50 minutes long), and it was well worth it. I have included video of the event below (thanks to Ian Adamson of Newton Running for posting this on YouTube). Given that it’s mostly just a discussion, I opted to convert the videos into an audio .mp3 file that I could play on my iPod so that I wouldn’t be tied to my computer in order to listen. You can find the audio file here (right click to save the .mp3): Newton Natural Running Panel audio. Again, thanks to Newton Running’s Ian Adamson for giving me permission to share the audio.

In addition to the Newton Panel Discussion on natural running, which I view as a must listen, I’ll point you to two other podcast episodes that are worth checking out. First, in my previous post I mentioned that I also participated in a discussion on running form and shoes on the Runner’s Round Table podcast – you can read more about that and find download links to the audio here: Running Form and Shoes: Panel Discussion on the Runner’s Round Table.

Finally, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, one of the speakers on the Newton panel, recently gave a very interesting and thoughtful interview on the Living Barefoot podcast. You can visit the Living Barefoot webpage for the Cucuzzella interview or download the audio from iTunes by clicking here.

Below are the videos from the Newton natural running panel discussion:



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