Les Mills Combat 30 Kickstart and Combat Gloves – Workout and Product Review

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I just finished my first workout with the new Les Mills Combat program from Beachbody.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, part of the reason I am doing this program is because it is outside of my normal comfort zone.  With programs like Turbo Fire, I always have a tough time keeping up with the sequences.  Just when I get it down, they change to a new sequence.  However, in order to make change, you have to do something different so I decided to do the full 60 days of this program to see if I could get better at sequences and the stuff I currently struggle with.  I have also done Kenpo X in P90X quite a few times and, while the sequences are not difficult, I did get a bit bored with that one so I was a little worried about these workouts.

Combat 30 Kick Start

Well, today I did the first workout on the schedule, Combat 30 kick start, and I loved it!  I was not bored, the sequences were tough (for me) but not nearly as hard as Turbo Fire, and the sweat was rolling.

A couple of things I want to elaborate on about the workout:

1)  The sequences were not too difficult:  While there were sequences with several moves in them, the mostly started slow and got quicker and the way they changed from sequence to sequence made it easy to follow.  I am not sure I can explain the difference here between why I can follow these sequences but I have trouble with Turbo Fire or not.  I just know that I felt like I was on with the music and the sequences MOST of the time.

2)  Intensity is easily increased or decreased:  The nature of the moves allows you to increase your intensity (punch and kick harder and with more power or easier and with less power) as you need to without doing major modifications.  In other programs, the entire move has to be changed in order to be able to do the workout because the moves are intense.  That is fine for Insanity and P90X and P90X2 because they are not intended for beginners, but this program (and this workout in particular) really lends itself to easy level changes with the same move.  In fact, they even show you three levels of intensity in a lot of the moves.  In addition to intensity changes, they have one person doing a low impact version of the moves (not necessarily low intensity, just low impact).  I found the structure of the workout to be VERY versatile as I wrote about in this BLOG POST.

The Gloves

I was a little lost on why I would need the gloves for these workouts (they only come with the supreme kit or the ultimate kit).  I got the Ultimate Kit because it comes with 4 additional workouts…not because it comes with the gloves.  However, when I did the workout with the gloves today, I GOT IT!  Now I know.  The gloves really do help you maintain form and increase the intensity of your workout and your punches.  Why?  They seem to create tension on the muscles in your hands and forearms when you form a fist in the gloves.  This little tension really changes the way you punch.  I am not sure I can explain it…you might just have to try it for yourself.  I know that one of the things I didn’t use to like about P90X KenpoX was that I always felt sloppy when punching at the air.  With these gloves on, I didn’t feel that way at all.  They really seem to help you activate the proper muscles.  Very cool.

Here is what Beachbody officially says about the gloves (and now I believe them): 

“The LES MILLS COMBAT Training Gloves make it easier for you to hold proper fist position as your hand actually grips and squeezes the glove. You contract and engage all the muscles in your forearm, as well as the biceps and triceps in your upper arm. That means you can punch harder and strike with more force. They also help you maintain focus on where your hands and arms are, reminding you to always bring your hands back to the high-guard position.”

Here is a quick video that I filmed right after I finished the workout today:

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  • Jason Curlee

    December 18, 2012

    i loved it…difference for me from Turbo Fire and Combat were the sequences…I could pick them up faster…. this had me rolling in sweat though…def was not “easier”

  • magaly

    December 26, 2012

    I loved it also, it was easier to follow sequence. Made it easier to keep good form.
    also where do you get the gloves?

  • Danielle

    January 8, 2013

    I LOVE LES MILLS COMBAT. I look forward to working out everyday. Dan and Rach are awesome motivators as well. Get this program you will not be sorry.

    • BASEtraining

      January 8, 2013

      Awesome! Are you in a group with others? Let me know if you want to join ours!