It’s “Triathlon” not “Triath-a-lon”

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How many of you triathletes out there hate it when you hear someone say “triath-a-lon” or see it written as “triathalon”? It is just one of my pet peeves so I had to write a little blog post about it. Most of my posts are more like articles on training or Beachbody stuff…so this is a little change of pace.

So here is my rant: Why would anyone think that the proper term is “triath-a-lon”? They sometimes do the same thing with “decath-a-lon” and “biath-a-lon” and duath-a-lon”….but why? Doesn’t make sense. Are the people in these events ever called “ath-a-letes”….NO! They are “athletes” or “triathletes”. “Triathletes” compete in “Triathlons”. Nobody competes in a “Triath-a-lon” because there is no such thing.

OK…I am done.


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