Holiday 5-week Challenge Teams Forming Now

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How many years in a row have you gone into the New Year heavier and more out of shape than you were in the summer? How many years in a row have you ruined months of hard work in the first part of year by overeating and indulging during the Holidays? How many years in a row have you weighed more this year than you did last year?

How many of you don’t want to do that this year? How many of you want to go into 2012 healthier than you were at Thanksgiving 2011 or maybe even lighter than you were at the beginning of 2011?

Well, here is your opportunity. I am running two different 5-week health and fitness challenge groups. These groups are small (5 people) accountability groups that will help you go into 2012 healthier and in better shape. The challenge runs from the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov 28) through New Year’s Eve (Dec 31).

This could be your healthiest (and possibly your most enjoyable) Holiday season yet.

Here are your Challenge Options:

Option #1: 5-week Primal Blueprint Challenge

What is the Primal Blueprint?

The Primal Blueprint is a book written by Mark Sisson. He has just recently come out with a 21-day challenge book that summarizes the larger book and gives you an action plan. I have been interested in trying this plan for a while now to see how it works (he claims amazing results and satisfaction), so I will be joining this group not only as a coach but as a participant. healthy lifestyle guru Mark Sisson presents the compelling premise that you can reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, health, and longevity by following 10 “Primal” laws. The Primal Blueprint will show you how:

– Weight loss is all about insulin; moderate your production by eliminating sugar and grains (yes, even whole grains) and you will lose the excess body fat you desire without dieting—plus you will improve your energy level, reduce inflammation, and eliminate disease risk.
– Eating meat, eggs, and a generally high-fat diet not only is healthy but is the key to effortless weight loss, a healthy immune system, and boundless energy.
Slowing down your typical cardiovascular workouts, and incorporating brief, intense strength sessions and occasional all-out sprints can produce fitness benefits far superior to workouts that are much longer and more grueling—and can eliminate the risk of burnout.

To participate in my Primal Challenge Team you must commit to:

1) Purchase the Primal Blueprint or the 21-day challenge book (Click Here or look for them at your local bookstore or Amazon) and follow the eating and exercise plans therein (NOTE 1: There are also cookbooks available NOTE 2: I am not associated with Mark Sisson or the Primal Blueprint and get no commission on any of these sales)
2) Drink Shakeology on a daily basis
3) Post daily accountability in a private Facebook group viewable only by members of the Challenge Team
4) FINISH! This isn’t about starting, it is about finishing!

Basically, we will all be following the Primal Blueprint for 5 weeks and using each other for accountability. There is no money or prizes involved…just the satisfaction of starting the new year healthier than ever.

To get on this challenge team, it is very simple: Just send me an email ( indicating your intent to participate. If there is room on the team, I will add you to the group.

Option #2: 5-week Beachbody Challenge

What is the Beachbody Challenge?

It’s a health and fitness transformation competition. You’ve heard of the Biggest Loser, right? Well, this is similar except that you do it from home and you can use any Beachbody program you choose! Here are some examples of programs that you can use to complete this challenge: P90X, Insanity, Power 90, TurboFire, and P90X2 coming out in January. If you are new or haven’t worked out in a while, try out something like Power 90. If you are ready to really bring it then try P90X or Insanity. I can help you find the right program.

To participate in my Beachbody Challenge Team you must commit to:

1) Follow a Beachbody fitness program (see links to examples above)
2) Drink Shakeology on a daily basis
3) Learn basic nutritional theory and eating to fuel your body for workouts and recovery
4) Post daily accountability in a private Facebook group viewable only by members of the Challenge Team
5) FINISH! This isn’t about starting, it is about finishing!

Please send me an email ( if you are interested in participating with this team. I will send you all the details and add you to the group.

You do not need to be on a Challenge Team to participate in the Beachbody Challenge. The Challenge is open to everyone. What I am offering with the Challenge Team is an added measure of accountability and personal coaching. This will give you much better odds of success than taking the challenge alone or doing a diet and exercise program outside of the challenge altogether.  I have two groups running since the beginning of November and everyone is doing quite well!!!

Here’s how to enter:


Tell us which fitness program you plan to follow, state your goals, and start tracking your progress. You’ll want to take a “before” photo to remember what you looked like and submit your results when you’re finished. For making this simple commitment, we’ll send you a FREE WRISTBAND.
(It’s okay to skip step 1 if you’re already in shape and want to submit your fitness results.)

If you are not already a Team Beachbody member, when you sign up (it’s free), it will ask you if a coach referred you. You can enter me as your referring coach by using my screen name (xtri), my email (, or my coach id (38397).


Got results from your Beachbody program? It’s time to submit your transformation story. Send us your “before” and “after” photos, transformation stats, and tell us your story. We’ll give you a FREE T-SHIRT and you’ll have a chance to win additional prizes.

YOU CAN WIN up to $100,000!

If your entry is selected as the top transformation in your age and gender category for the month in which you entered, you’ll win $1,000 and a shot at the Grand Prize.

Plus you’ll have a chance to win:

– Daily Prizes: $500 just for logging your workouts in the WOWY SuperGym® after you commit to get fit or submit your results.
– Quarterly Prizes: $5,000 and an expenses-paid trip
– Bonus prizes for drinking Shakeology® during your transformation.

Ready to WIN? Enter now.

Commit to Get Fit

Submit Your Results

The Beachbody Challenge 2011 – 2012 Official Contest Rules:

Monthly Contest Rules
Quarterly Contest Rules
Grand Prize Contest Rules


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