Focus T25 Workout Schedules for Free in Training Peaks

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NOTE: If you are using Focus T25 and you really want to ramp up your training, you should join one of my challenge groups where you will join a small group of people to keep you accountable. The combination of training peaks and an accountability challenge group could be the answer to finally getting the results you are looking for! Plus, you can win money just for working out! Conact me at to find out when the next group starts.

When you buy a copy of Focus T25, you get a nice workout calendar and a schedule that tells you what workouts to do on which day. In addition, on the Team Beachbody website, you can download workout sheets so that you can track your progress with each workout. If you don’t have access to the Team Beachbody website, simply go to my website and click on the “join” button to get a free account (NOTE: after you hit the join button, look for the “try free membership” button. The club membership is nice as well and gives you access to the meal planner but if you want the free membership you have to look for the little gray button).

Anyway, that is all well and good, but what if there was a way to go through the T25 workout schedule in an online tracking program where you could upload heart rate info for each workout and add notes about each workout? Well, now there is. I have created the Alpha, Beta, Pure Gamma, and Pure Strength Hybrid calendars for T25 in Training Peaks and they are available to download for free! I use Training Peaks to provide all of my triathlete clients with their workout plans each week and now I am starting to use it with my Beachbody clients.


What can you do with this workout schedule in training peaks?

1- Upload Heart Rate info from dozens of compatible heart rate monitors

2- Enter planned and actual reps on your resistance workouts.

3- Enter daily metrics such as weight, how much sleep you got that night, how you felt during the workout, and more.

4- Add additional workouts (e.g. if you are doing your own hybrid program and adding Insanity workouts).

5- I offer free coaching (as do all Beachbody Coaches), but with the Training Peaks schedule, you can attach your account to me as your coach and I will be able to watch your progress and keep you on track. Email me to find out how to attach your account to me as your coach.

How to Get Focus T25 workout schedules in Training Peaks

1- Click on the option you want below:

T25 Alpha Schedule

T25 Beta Schedule

T25 Pure Gamma Schedule

T25 Gamma Pure Strength Hybrid Schedule

2-Click the “buy” button for whichever plan you are going to be using. You will see that the plans are set at $19.99. However, there are several ways to get this plan for free:

a)  If you already own Focus T25, simply make me your coach on  This is a free service and a free account that you create and I will help you through the program.  If you create a free account with me or move your current account to me, I will send you a discount code for this plan.

b)  If you don’t own Focus T25, simply purchase your copy through me and I will give you this plan for free and get you in a challenge group to help you through the program.

Contact me at for details on how to accomplish one of the options above and get your plan for free

3- If you already have a Training Peaks account, you can login on the next page. If not, you can input your info for a free account. There is also a premium account that costs money and has more features if you wish to go that route.

4- Once you have created your account and logged in, you can apply your plan and start it on any date by clicking on the Training Plans icon on the left side of the screen (it looks like a little note pad with a pen). This will bring up all of the plans you have access to. Click on the one that you want to apply and click the “apply” button. Select the date you want it to start or end and the plan will then appear in your calendar.

5- You can now click on any workout on the calendar to input data into that workout.

6- I also recommend that you go to my Training Peaks login page and bookmark it. That way you will always have an easy way to login to your Training Peaks account.

7- Don’t forget to log your workouts in Beachbody’s WOWY super gym as well. Why? Because you have a chance to win money on any day that you log your workout there. How do you log a workout in WOWY? Well, first you need a free account with Team Beachbody. You can get one of those by going here and clicking the “join” button as described at the beginning of this blog post. Then, once you are logged in to your account, go to the “Get Fit” tab and click on “WOWY Super Gym” and log your workout to be entered to win money.

If you have any questions about how to use the schedules or if you find any errors in the schedules, please feel free to email me at and I will answer your questions or fix the schedules.


Ryan Chapman

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