Finis Swim Products at Discount Prices

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Finis Logo Finis Swim Products are now available right here on the B.A.S.E. Training Website at discounts as high as 20%! In fact, almost all of the products available are marked down 20% from the regular retail price on the Finis website.

Finis makes some of the most innovative and useful swim products on the market today.  Some of their more popular and innovative products include the Tempo Trainer (an invaluable training tool that is basically a waterproof metronome that you can set at different tempos), the SwimP3 (a waterproof 1GB MP3 player that uses bone conduction to transmit sound), and zoomer swim fins

You can get all of these products under the “SHOP” tab above or you can simply click here to go to the B.A.S.E. Training store to see the Finis Products we have available.

You may notice that only some of the products that appear on the main Finis website are available here for a discount. This is simply because I have not finished adding products to my site and I have only put the products that I have found to be the most relevant to the triathletes and Total Immersion swimmers that I coach. However, I can get any of products on the Finis site for a discount. If you see something there that you would like that is not on my site, just email me at and I will get you my discounted price and add it to my site.

UPDATE:  The new Tempo Trainer Pro model is now available HERE as well!

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