Exercise? Your friend or your nemesis?

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I know that exercise is not on everyone’s list of things to do for fun.  In fact, just the thought of exercise makes some people nauseous.  Going to the gym and getting on a treadmill or doing those boring weight machines is not enticing to most.  However, there are workouts out there that don’t require you to go to the gym and truly are not boring.  They may even incorporate something that you actually like such as dancing or martial arts.  My fellow Beachbody Coach, Nicola, has a post about this that you should check out (http://getfitwithnicola.com/exercise-your-friend-or-your-nemesis/).  The key is finding a workout that you WANT to do so that you will make time to do it.  My guess is that there is a program out there that will get you excited if you take the time to try it.  Need help picking one?  Just contact me.

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