Check out the NEW P90X app for iPhone

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P90X has gone mobile!!!  That’s right, the new P90X app for your iPhone is now available.   Don’t have an iPhone?  Try this instead.  Don’t have P90X?  Click here

Here are some of the things you can do with this app:

  • Setup an entire 90 day calendar of workouts with just a few clicks (Classic, Doubles, or Lean)
  • Track your weight, reps and progress with each workout
  • Log your nutrition for your specific level and phase in the P90X nutrition guide
  • Sync your iPhone app workouts with the Team Beachbody WOWY Supergym where you can win money daily just for working out
  • Share your workouts and results to Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Schedule non-P90X workouts
  • Purchase guided versions of each P90X workout!  This is one of the most amazing parts!  These guided workouts allow you to take Tony to the gym or anywhere you want to workout (like maybe even a park).  Tony shows you how to do each exercise and guides you through the whole workout.

Here is how to get the P90X app for your iPhone or iTouch:

1) If you already have a Team Beachbody account (i.e. you have a login at

-Click the app icon on your iPhone and search for P90X

Click here to go to the app store

2) Don’t have a Team Beachbody account?

Click here to sign up for a free account

-Once you have your free account, follow the steps in 1) above for those that have an account



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