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My Total Immersion Teacher Training Experience

This is my account of my experience at the Total Immersion Teacher Training in Minneapolis, MN where I earned the right to be called a Total Immersion Teaching Professional (TITP). I also posted this same blog on the Total Immersion site at This was a CRAZY week for me and I was absolutely exhausted…

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Run Less, Lift More, Race Better…do P90X?

For all of you triathletes out there, there is an article on P110 of the August issue of Triathlete magazine entitled “Run Less, Lift More, Race Better”. Unfortunately, the article is not available online without a subscription…but it is available at your local news stand or in digital format online with a subscription. They have…

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A little extra help with Yoga

First of all, are you doing yoga? No? Why not? Haven’t you been reading my blog? Don’t you know what yoga can do for you…athletically or otherwise? No? Well, read this previous blog “Yoga for Triathletes (or anybody for that matter)” and then start doing your yoga!!! It is good for you!!! If you are…

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Sprint Triathlon Training Plan (using P90X) available for download

Ever since I started B.A.S.E. Training all those many weeks ago (ha ha…beginning of March…and now it is almost June), I have been trying to find time to create some free training plans to give away on my site. One of my visions is to have free plans available for download that incorporate P90X and…

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Shakeology and One on One Promotion

So, maybe you have heard of Tony Horton’s One-on-One series?…I mention the workouts on Facebook all the time. Workouts like “Killer Abs”, “Iso Abs”, “Plyo Legs”, “Fountain of Youth Yoga”, “Patience Hummingbird Yoga”. Tony Horton makes a new workout every month pretty much specifically for you P90Xers out there that want to change up your…

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Yoga for Triathletes (or anybody for that matter)

OK…so no matter how much I love P90X and Tony Horton’s fitness model, my ultimate fitness goals still come back to triathlons. If P90X didn’t help my triathlon performance, would I still do it?…probably not. I am a triathlete through and through now…I simply love crossing that finish line after pushing my limits in three…

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