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90/10 Nutrition Challenge Weekly Dinner Menu – 11/26/12

Hey Everyone! I still have room in the next 90/10 challenge next Monday. Sign up…just do it: REGISTER I also have other groups starting and a 90/10 starting at the New year (Resolutions anyone?). See all of the groups HERE Have you seen what people are saying about the 90/10 challenge? Check it out HERE…

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review and Training Update

UPDATE: I FINISHED IRONMAN ARIZONA ON 11/18/12 IN 11:48:07! SUCCESS! I ALSO HAVE ULTIMATE RESET GROUPS STARTING RIGHT AFTER THANKSGIVING AND AT THE NEW YEAR. SIGN UP HERE On August 15th, 2012, I finished Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset 21-day cleanse program and I think it is time to give you a full review so you know…

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