Fat for Athletes (and the greatest Guacamole Recipe you will ever taste)

So, it was just a few years ago that the general consensus was that, if you didn’t want to be fat, you needed to stop eating fat or severely limit your fat intake. Then, along came Dr. Atkins and the South Beach Diet and all of a sudden fat was not the problem anymore…it was…

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Yoga for Triathletes (or anybody for that matter)

OK…so no matter how much I love P90X and Tony Horton’s fitness model, my ultimate fitness goals still come back to triathlons. If P90X didn’t help my triathlon performance, would I still do it?…probably not. I am a triathlete through and through now…I simply love crossing that finish line after pushing my limits in three…

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A little help with Pull-ups in P90X

Hey everyone, so this is my first official blog post on my new website! I was doing P90X+ Upper Plus tonight and was doing some pull-ups and had the idea to share a little tip that I found on the internet when I was in the middle of my first round of P90X. When I…

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