Beachbody E&E Preworkout Supplement Review and Comparison

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This blog post is intended to give you some info on Beachbody’s latest workout supplement, Energy and Endurance (or “E&E”), and also compare the product with another preworkout supplement from First Endurance called PreRace.

So, first I want to give you the background and circumstances under which I am reviewing this product. There are probably quite a few other reviews on E&E out there on the web right now since there are quite a few Beachbody Coaches like myself who have tried it and have opinions. My review comes from a little bit of a different angle as I am an endurance athlete and am looking to see if E&E can be used as a supplement for long endurance events such as half and full marathons, half and full ironmans, or even just Olympic triathlons where you want a performance boost. I am not interested in using E&E on a regular basis for strength workouts like P90X or P90X2.

PreRace by First Endurance

Just prior to the release of Beachbody’s E&E formula, I had just started testing a product from First Endurance called PreRace. I decided to test it for two reasons: 1) I had read Bob Seebohar’s e-book on Caffeine loading protocol for endurance athletes (CLICK HERE). 2) In 2010, I cut out all caffeine from my diet. Because of that, I knew there was a possibility that preworkout supplements with caffeine would have a profound effect on me and possibly produce a huge performance effect as talked about in Bob’s book. Normally, I try to stay away from supplements like this but I think there is a benefit here that can be realized without compromising too much on a desire to stick with a more natural nutritional approach (as opposed to loading up on any chemical that might make you faster or stronger or whatever your goal may be).

My trials with PreRace, though there were only a few, went quite well. I did two or three long runs (10 or more miles) using 1 scoop of PreRace in my favorite race fuel (Generation UCAN) about 60 minutes prior to the training run. Those runs were some of the best runs I have had this year to be sure. I was alert and was able to keep pace throughout the run and even finished the runs with a faster pace in the last few miles than the rest of the run (which is unusual for me). I did not notice any difficulty with not being able to sleep at night (I only used it for runs in the morning specifically to keep from having that issue). However, I did notice that I had a jittery and shaking feeling right after drinking my prerun drink with PreRace in it. I don’t really like that feeling and consider it a downside to the product.

After a few long runs with PreRace, I did a half marathon. My nutrition protocol was 1 scoop of PreRace and Packet of Generation UCAN 60 minutes before the race and the same thing again at mile 6 which would have been about 100 minutes after the first drink (I carried it in a thick concentrated form on a fuel belt). The results were quite good. Despite a limited training schedule leading up to the race (I was considering it an off-season race and not really pushing for a time…or at least pretending that I wasn’t pushing for a time), I felt amazing and alert during the race and ran a personal best half marathon time. I have to say, I was quite impressed with the product.

Below is a picture of the PreRace Nutrition Facts directly from the First Endurance Website


Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance Formula

So, after Beachbody released E&E, being a Beachbody Coach (read as “someone who gets a 25% discount on the products”), I had to give E&E a try to see how it would fair against something like PreRace. When I read all of the pre-release info from Beachbody, it seemed quite promising and somewhat similar to PreRace but I was still unsure how it would really compare. After all, Beachbody does not make supplements or workouts specifically directed at the endurance athlete (although many of their products work quite nicely for it…more than I think they even realize), but PreRace is made specifically for endurance athletes.

So, as of the writing of this blog post, I have used E&E for three long training runs (no races yet). The runs were 10 miles, 13 miles, and 14 miles. The first thing I noticed while taking E&E was that I did not have that jittery, shaking feeling that I got with PreRace. This was a plus for me but I was worried that I would not get the same performance effect if I wasn’t getting that feeling. I was wrong. All three of the runs were amazing and again I was able to crank up the pace at the end of each of these runs. At this point in my training cycle, at my current weight, and with my limited training time, I would not expect to be having long runs this good.

Below is a the Nutrition Info for E&E directly from Beachbody

Some final words

You will notice from the nutrition facts that there are a lot more ingredients in E&E. This is both good and bad in my opinion. Good because some of the ingredients are good things to have in a preworkout supplement (some electrolytes, vitamins, etc). The reason there are more is partially because E&E is intended to be a drink mix, whereas PreRace is intended to be mixed with some other drink such as other First Endurance products. For this reason (this is the bad part in my opinion), E&E has some dextrose and stevia and some other things to make it taste like a drink on its own without adding anything to it or adding it to something else. While I would personally prefer that E&E be formulated more like PreRace so it is just added to another fuel (since that is how I intend to use it), it simply wasn’t intended for that. However, the 20 calories per scoop is hardly a major deterrent in my opinion and it mixes nicely with my UCAN.

In the end, I like both of these products a lot. However, I will be using Beachbody’s E&E for several reasons:

1) Cost: Beachbody’s E&E is $29.95 for 30 servings and is available with free shipping if you do a monthly autoship program (comes automatically every 30 days). PreRace is only 20 servings for $39.95 with no free shipping option. In addition, as a Beachbody Coach, I get an additional 25% off of the price of E&E. You can find out more about being a coach and getting 25% off HERE.

2) The Jitters: I simply don’t get that jittery, shaking feeling with E&E that I do with PreRace. E&E just feels like smooth, solid energy.

3) Performance: The performance effect is essentially the same if not better for E&E.

My Plan

As I go forward using E&E, my plan is to limit the use to once a week at the most (before very long workouts such as runs longer than 90 minutes or before races). I will not be using this before every workout just to get a boost and I recommend you take the same approach. Just like with any other stimulant, your body can likely build up a tolerance and then you will have to take more to get the effect. In fact, if I can get my long workout in on a day when I am well rested from work and other stresses (like during a day off or when I have had several days off) I will likely not take E&E. The less I can use it, the better it will work on race day…that is my opinion and my plan.
Happy training to you all.


  • Roger

    January 25, 2013

    I came across your review and would love to ask you a few questions about your opinion on E&E.

    I’m a marathoner who absolutely loves the Insanity dvds. I’m currently doing Asylum Volume 2 and I love it! I wanted to know about taking E&E before a marathon. Do you take it before a race, or do you sip on it while racing? I tend to carry a gatorade bottle as I run, and I’m wondering if I should carry some E&E while doing my races.

    • BASEtraining

      January 25, 2013

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks for your inquiry. If I take it before a race and the race is longer than 2 hours, then I take more during the race so you don’t crash. The general rule is 5-6 mg/kg body weight about 30 min before and then 2-3 mg/kg body weight every 90-120 minutes during. So, if you weight about 160 lbs, that translates to about 2 scoops of E and E before the race and 1 scoop every 90-120 minutes during the race. If you are not a normal caffeine user, I would lower that a bit. Also, I would test it extensively before using in a race because caffeine can have negative side affects for some athletes. Of course, I am also not a doctor and am not prescribing this or recommending it specifically for you…this is just what I do.

      I love Insanity and Asylum as well! Are you working with a Beachbody Coach already? If not, I would love to work with you (free). I have some good integration programs and could take a look at what you are doing for training if you like.


  • Nelly

    April 4, 2014

    Hi my name is nelly and wanted to know how much weight can you lose if you take e&e and do t25 workout for 30-60 days? Want to lose 40 pounds

    • BASEtraining

      April 4, 2014

      Hi Nelly! thanks for commenting. E and E is not really a weight loss supplement but it does help you get through your workouts with more energy. T25 is also a great workout program for losing weight. It just depends on you and your situation. There are other supplements and eating plans that will help you a lot more. T25 is actually 10 weeks long so it is more like 70 days. Losing 40 pounds in that time would be possible but tough. Let’s talk more about your particular situation and what is best for you to help you get that weight off. I will send you an email and we can go from there.

      • maribel

        June 22, 2017

        Can u help me i am doing t25 and want to tone and lose 10 lbs more can u tell me if i am doing the right exercise please

  • Adam Schaffer

    April 25, 2014

    what about the caffeine levels in E and E? 455mg seems like a lot!

    • BASEtraining

      April 25, 2014

      Hey Adam! The total energy activating blend is 455 mg. It’s not all caffeine though. Here is the official statement on this from the company. I hope this helps.

      From Beachbody:

      One of the ingredients in Energy & Endurance is caffeine (including natural sources), which is included as an energy booster. There are 455 mg of the Proprietary Energy Activating Blend per serving in Energy and Endurance, which contains caffeine.

      There are 200mg of caffeine in Beachbody Energy & Endurance. This is less caffeine than is found in a 12oz cup of premium coffee.

      If you experience sensitivity to caffeine, we recommend starting with one (1) scoop in 2 to 4 ounces of water, 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled workout.

  • Angie Chesney

    July 14, 2017

    Thank you for your review! I am a marathoner (trail races mostly) taking a year off of serious marathon training to focus on my strength and balance (i.e. injury prevention.) I am also trying to loose 15 pounds over the next 3-4 months. I am focusing mostly on T25 (but using BBL High and Tight workout once a week). I am still running a couple of short runs every week and on long run on the weekends with my friend who is training for a 50 miler…so I still need to keep up a base and have the ability to run 13 miles(give or take) once a week. My plan to build up a solid foundation this year and run the 50 miler with my friend fall of 2018. I have been using Eboost/POW before every workout and run, but I want to quite my constant use of caffeine. I like your idea of only using these supplements once in a while for long training runs. I would appreciate any other advice you have!