Adriel Barrera – A Memorial

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This post is a memorial to Adriel Barrera.  He was a friend of mine only via Facebook but he touched my life and I had the privilege of making a difference in his life as well.  Adriel died unexpectedly in his sleep and I am going to miss his friendship very much.

Adriel came across my Facebook wall somehow back on April 27th of 2010 (great how FB saves messages that far back).  I am not sure how he came across my wall and friend requested me but his first message to me simply said, “Sorry came across you’re wall it looks like you have a lot of info on weight loss if possible I would just like to have access to a few links just to see what I can learn.”  I sent him the link to my website (which I had just started) so he could follow and see the stuff I was posting there and started asking him about his diet and weight loss goals.  We talked back and forth on FB for the next two years.  He so badly wanted to get on Shakeology for a very long time but did not feel like he could afford to do it.  Instead we worked hard on changing his diet and getting him active.  In his own words, Adriel had over 100 pounds to lose.  The most striking, and now saddening, thing about Adriel’s story was his motivation for losing the weight which is summed up in this message he sent to me on May 16th of 2010:  “I am interested in staying alive for my 7 year old daughter and wife”.

Adriel worked hard at teaching his daughter about health and fitness and helped her to enter running races and other activities.  He wanted so badly for her to stay active and learn to eat healthy.  Several times over the last year or so, he would message me to tell me how proud he was of Jordynn for how she did in a swim meet or in a running race.

In April of this year, Adriel signed up to be a Beachbody Coach on my team and started on Shakeology and Power 90 himself.  He wanted to help spread the word of health and fitness while he lost the weight himself.  Last report I had from Adriel had him at over 20 lbs lost and going strong.

Following his sudden and unexpected death, I received tons of messages and comments from other Beachbody coaches and customers who had seen Adriel’s progress and positive attitude on my Beachbody facebook groups and in the coaching groups.  He had made an impact on many lives through his positive outlook and great personality.  Many of those people have asked if there is a way that they can help Adriel’s family, so I have set up a Paypal donation account for this purpose.

If you would like to donate money to Adriel’s family to help them with funeral costs, Jordynn’s education or anything else, please use the donate button below.

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