A compromise on Nutrition…Pick your battles

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So, I was talking to my wife before going to the store to shop for groceries and our conversation brought an idea to my head that I just had to write down. We were talking about having breakfast food for dinner that night and she mentioned the idea of having bacon. Now, I like bacon just fine but it is just not one of those things that I must have and I absolutely love….and, since it is nutritionally inferior to almost every other meat out there (don’t even think about arguing with me…who do you think you are?…Dr. Atkins), I pretty much have very little desire to eat it. That got me thinking about other things that I feel the same way about: Butter, Potato Chips, deep fried chicken, Cool Whip, etc. To me, these are things that I like the taste of, but I don’t love them so much that I am willing to put up with the severe lack of nutritional benefit that they offer. You get what I am saying? These foods are not good fuel and the nutritional value is almost non-existent (or at least the ratio of good stuff to bad stuff is way too skewed toward the bad). So, these things are just not going to be a regular part of my diet and I am fine with that.

On the other hand, there are some things that are not that good for me that I really love and I am going to eat. For me, those things are beer and ice cream. There is not a lot of good fuel and nutritional value in those items but they are two of my favorite things…so I eat them.

I think everyone would do well, even if you are not trying to lose weight or get ripped, to make a “short list” of items that you really love that are not necessarily good for you and allow yourself to have them in some form of moderation. If the food is not on that list and it is not significantly good for you (i.e. it is not a whole food with good nutritional value), then LEAVE IT OUT! You can do without it. For me, I will eat ice cream some nights (and still more than I should) and I will have a beer most nights, but the rest of my intake will be made up of wholesome, nutritious foods that provide me the fuel that I need to accomplish the tasks of the day (at least that is what I strive for).

Is this a good way to think about food? I don’t know…I suppose the best way would be to leave out all of the stuff that is not really good for you. We are all human though…we have to be realistic…just pick the things that you are going to be “realistic” with very carefully…don’t have bacon if you don’t really love it.

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