90/10 Challenge Weekly Dinner Menu – 12/17/12

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The next 90/10 group starts at the New year (Resolutions anyone?).  We have a group of about 10 at this point.  Also, I am running a “Test Group” that will feature a full 8 week plan (more detailed than these weekly menus) and will require measurements and pics and such.  Interested in being part of the 90/10 Test Group?  Email me at ryan@tribastraining.com. See all of the groups HERE

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Remember, I have a whole 90/10 board set up and am filling it up with 90/10 healthy recipes. You need to go check it out if you are interested in 90/10. Follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Again this week, this menu will include our Lunch and Dinner choices while we used to only have dinner items on previous menus.  Breakfast will always be Shakeology (vegan chocolate) made with coconut or almond milk and raw almond butter.

After my experience with the Veggie Sandwich from last week, I am experimenting with different veggie sandwich recipes every day for lunch this week.  A lot of them look very good.  Don’t be afraid…be adventurous and try them with me!

Here is the menu for this week:


Lunch: Veggie Sandwich (my own recipe)

This recipe is simple and derived from my wife’s own concoction of veggies that I assume she made up.

Recipe: Spread a slice of whole-wheat bread with Laughing Cow spreadable cheese, grated carrots, thin sliced zucchini, tomatoes, pea shoots, and argula.  Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, season with sea salt and pepper, and top with another slice of bread.  You could also replace the spreadable cheese with greek yogurt…and I might do just that.


Dinner: Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs (Recipe HERE) and salad

We are taking dinner to a couple from church that just had a baby so we wanted something that was portable and mostly a meal all in one dish.  So we chose to make this spaghetti and meatball recipe and just bring a nice green salad along with it.  There is a new “superfood” salad mix at Costco here that I will look for when I go shopping (brussel sprouts, kale, etc), but if they don’t have it, I will just make a regular salad.



Lunch: Hummus Veggie Sandwich (Recipe HERE)

Yes!  This looks amazing and so simple.


Dinner: Tilapia with Arugula and Tomatoes with Green Beans (Tilapia Recipe HERE)

We had this on the list last week but didn’t get to it because we had a soup package that I forgot about that we wanted to try instead.  It was a great tortilla soup and this was made with frozen fish, so we just saved it for this week.  The recipe for the Tilapia is in the link above. The Green beans are very simple. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add green beans to boiling water, cook for 6-8 minutes, drain and serve. This is for fresh green beans (not canned) obviously.



Lunch: Goat Cheese and Veggie Sandwich (Recipe HERE)


Dinner: Mediterranean Grain Salad (Recipe HERE)



Lunch: California Veggie Sandwich (Recipe HERE)


Dinner: Chicken Gumbo (Recipe HERE) served with Brown Rice and Steamed Kale

This recipe is actually called “half hour chicken gumbo” and it looks REALLY easy.



Lunch: Greek Salad Sandwich (Recipe HERE)


Dinner: Lemon Chicken with Avocado and Corn Salsa (Recipe HERE) served with Chili Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Recipe HERE)



Lunch: Radish and Avocado Sandwich (Recipe HERE)


Dinner:  Whole Wheat Pasta Salad (Recipe HERE) with Roasted Chicken Breast and Potatoes

The chicken and potatoes are roasted by tossing/brushing with olive oil and roasting on a pan in the oven at 400 deg until the juices run clear on the chicken and the potatoes are tender.  Salt and Pepper to taste.



Common snacks for us will include:

A piece of fruit and 1/4 cup of nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts)

A piece of fruit and nut butter

Veggies and nut butter

Veggies and hummus

More Ideas

Here is another blog of weekly menus that you can follow. These are all 90/10 recipes (or can easily be adapted).

MyFitFam (FamFare) – by Heidi Boortz



  • magaly

    December 17, 2012

    what can you use to substitute goat cheese?

    • BASEtraining

      December 18, 2012

      You can use other spreadable cheeses if you look at the ingredients. Laughing Cow is ok. Or, you could use greek yogurt.

  • Gail Owens

    December 22, 2013

    Most disappointed, was hoping for paleo options. Bread is really bad for you, most of the population are starch cab intolerant. I haven’t eaten bread in 3 years. Most people that stop eating bread their health improves dramatically!

    • BASEtraining

      December 22, 2013

      Hi Gail, thanks for your comment. This isn’t a paleo blog. I have no problem with paleo but do not believe that it is necessary for the majority of the population. I am glad it works for you and I know a lot of people that love it. We stick to 100% whole wheat bread only and keep it to a minimum but we don’t subscribe to the idea that you shouldn’t eat wheat at all. Many people have changed their lives using this system and have had great success while still eating small amounts of bread.