21-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge Groups

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What is the 21-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge?

The Primal Blueprint is a book written by Mark Sisson. He has just recently come out with a 21-day challenge book that summarizes the larger book and gives you an action plan.  MarksDailyApple.com healthy lifestyle guru Mark Sisson presents the compelling premise that you can reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, health, and longevity by following 10 “Primal” laws. The Primal Blueprint will show you how:

– Weight loss is all about insulin; moderate your production by eliminating sugar and grains (yes, even whole grains) and you will lose the excess body fat you desire without dieting—plus you will improve your energy level, reduce inflammation, and eliminate disease risk.
– Eating meat, eggs, and a generally high-fat diet not only is healthy but is the key to effortless weight loss, a healthy immune system, and boundless energy.
Slowing down your typical cardiovascular workouts, and incorporating brief, intense strength sessions and occasional all-out sprints can produce fitness benefits far superior to workouts that are much longer and more grueling—and can eliminate the risk of burnout.

To participate in my Primal Challenge Team you must commit to:

1) Purchase the Primal Blueprint or the 21-day challenge book (Click Here or look for them at your local bookstore or Amazon) and follow the eating and exercise plans therein (NOTE 1: There are also cookbooks available NOTE 2: I am not associated with Mark Sisson or the Primal Blueprint and get no commission on any of these sales)
2) Drink Shakeology on a daily basis
3) Post daily accountability in a private Facebook group viewable only by members of the Challenge Team
4) FINISH! This isn’t about starting, it is about finishing!

In order to register for this challenge, click the button below and fill out the form. After you have filled out the form, an email will be sent to you describing what you need to do to be added to the group. If you do not already have P90X and Shakeology, don’t buy them until you have received instructions in the email on how to get a discount.

1 Comment

  • Maria

    November 13, 2012

    I drink shakeology already. However I have no transportation and do my want a gym membership at this time. I have no weights but I have turbo jam and a few other work out DVDs. An I still do well? I do have a cycling bike but I don’t want to be on it more than about half hour a day as ill get tired of it.

    I’m pretty much stuck indoors without proper exercise stuff for primal. Even if next month I have transportation. I like beach body programs/workout DVDs and gym membership best. Can I do peimal still if I do workouts like that? I’m not going outside as its very cold,icy and this place sucks for any walking paths.