Heart Rate Training Tools

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What is the Heart Zones Training System?

We say, “The Heart Zones Training system uses your personal cardiac training ranges to define your individual training program for optimum health, emotional fitness, and high performance.” But what does that mean? Let’s take it step by step.

Heart Zones Training is based on science, research, experience, and the precept that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, universal training program. Rather, to be effective, exercise must be tailored to fit each of us.

And that’s just what Heart Zones Training provides—a completely personalized exercise program that works for anyone, of any age, of any current fitness level, performing any activities.

It works for a 20-year-old professional athlete, a 70-year-old wanting to improve strength, a 30-year-old who has never been fit, a 55-year-old fighting fat, or a 40-year-old who has become sedentary.

How can Heart Zones Training provide personal training programs for everyone? By teaching you how to notice and respond to your own personal biofeedback device—your heartbeat. Whether you take your pulse manually or, for far better accuracy, use some sort of tool (ranging from an inexpensive heart rate monitor to a top-of-the-line distance-and-speed+heart rate system), either way you will be in tune with what truly matters for every aspect of your wellness—your heart.

So, Heart Zones Training is:

The most important muscle in your entire body. It should be treated that way. Heart Zones Training respects your heart and what it has to tell you, and we teach you how to systematically respond to your heart’s beats.

A zone is simply a range of heart beats, what we sometimes call a cardiac training range. When you get an accurate idea of your heart zones and what each has to do with your wellbeing, you are ready for the next piece of the system: training.

Training is not just exercising. It’s exercising with a system and a plan in order to achieve a goal. Heart Zones Training is a method of training smarter—more efficiently and more effectively—by training with heart.

And, finally, from Heart Zones Training founder and CEO, Sally Edwards:

Physical activity must fit you as an individual and so must your heart zones. I’m convinced and so are thousands of others who train using this heart-based approach that it will lead to the integration of your mind, your body, and your spirit into a wellness exercise program that works. You’ll begin to see positive benefits as you feel more energy with less stress. I predict you’ll also feel a real boost to your self-esteem that will make it fun to keep going. Train with your smart heart and your monitor in the five heart zones to maximize your time and your results.